History of CSI Holy Cross Church

Church of South India (C.S.I.) Holy Cross Church was born as a satellite church under The Christ Church, Lalaguda Pastorate, Medak Diocese in the year 1970. Considering the steady growth, Holy Cross Church was given the status of a separate Pastorate (i.e., its no more attached to a particular church, but directly under the diocese) in the year 1987 by the Bishop in Medak, since then our pastorate is called the "E.C.I.L. Pastorate".

In 1970, the first church service started with a congregation of just 7 families, since then, by the grace & mercy of the Father, the blessings of the Son & the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the church has been growing in all aspects - Spiritual & in Number under the shepherd ship of various Presbyter-in-Charges and a committee of able leaders. As on date, the total congregation is of 275 wonderful families and people are still coming in.......Praise be to God.

We as a church praise GOD for He was, He is and He will be with us strengthening to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to the unreached.

To God be the Glory