Pastorate Committee

The Holy Cross Church Pastorate Committee is a team of experienced individuals elected by the congregation to develop the church through their expertise in their respective roles.


Rev. B. Winston
Presbyter-in-charge & Chairman




Mr. S. J. Christopher
Pastorate Secretary




Mr. N. Sudhir Sudhakar
Pastorate Treasurer




Mr. G. Gnana Prakash
Pastorate Steward




Mr. K. Victor Emmanuel
Church Steward, Sunday School Superintendent and Youth Director




Mr. V. Suman
Asst. Treasurer




Mr. Babji
Property Secretary




Mr. P. Stephen
Bajana Secretary




Mrs. V. Nirmala Kantha Rao
Poor Fund Secretary





Mrs. Indira Samson
Women's Secretary





Mr. CH. Wilson

Choir Leader





Mr. K. Jacinth

Asst. Property Secretary





Mr. E. Vamshi

Youth Secretary




All these people are the priceless assets to the Holy Cross Church, who put in their sincere efforts mixed with the support of the congregation to take the church to the next level. The Holy Cross Church appreciates all their work and pray God to Bless them and their families.